About Us

TJM Drone Services are a premium aerial photo and video specialist focused on getting the best result for the client. We are Tweed Heads NSW based though we cover all parts of Australia.

We are fully licensed, accredited and registered with the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) and follow aerial flight laws every step of the way in that all the necessary planning, clearances, approvals and precautions are undertaken to ensure the safety and success of every mission.

TJM Drone services has the latest model UAV drones, camera systems and editing programs. We deliver stunning quality footage in 4k video, either fast paced, normal or slow motion, and 48mp photos rich in colour and depth.

We can reach heights that no normal cameras are able to. This coupled with the fact that our drones can get into areas and angles that traditional photographers cannot, make our drone footage so much more spectacular and leave a lasting impression.

We don’t specialise in any one specific field as we are a total package business. From damage assessment, professional businesses to personal gatherings or even routine inspections of your residence.
Anything from real estate, construction, marine and boating, events and even parties where a different perspective offers a whole new view. Car club cruises, surfing, corporate events, the list is endless in possibilities with TJM Drone Services.

We capture the magic to deliver a stunning aerial perspective in high definition 4K and offer post production editing to ensure you get exactly what you want. 

A different perspective can be all the difference.

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