When most people think of real estate photography or video, they think of a house or perhaps a block of units. Imagine then being asked to film a real estate video from the rooftop of a 26 floor building, 85 metres high!

No typical photographer will get that type of footage and especially completing a near 180 degree orbit of the building and a reverse reveal of the the subjects, in this case the talent standing at the edge. Drone operators are able to capture exceptionally unique heights and angles which truly stand out and leave lasting impressions.

Nothing goes unplanned in any drone mission, so to undertake such an assignment like this and in tricky conditions with strong winds requires expert piloting of the drone to fulfil the clients wishes, and to address any risks involved through a complete and thorough Job Safety Assessment (JSA) before the flight even commences. The proximity to other buildings and wind speed were major factors on this mission.

On top of the most careful and strategic planning that is undertaken with all flights, an extra consideration has to be taken into account which not many would consider, and that is birds. The sky is their domain and a foreign looking flying machine such as a drone piques a lot of interest in our beautiful feathered creatures.

In this instance, upon reaching the top of the building it was immediately noticed that Falcons were in the area. We were able to launch the drone and complete the assignment without any of these magnificent birds paying any attention to the drone and to much delight of the client and the drone pilot as well.

No drone flight is ever the same and nor are the missions we accomplish.

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