Houses are our homes and our castles. We make them what they are. Renovations and additions are great things to do with your house but they also have to be maintained.

With renewable energy being more important than ever before, solar panels are a massive cost saving addition to any household. As they are obviously open to the elements they are also exposed to dirt, bird droppings and more importantly breakage. All of which will decrease the efficiency of the panels, especially in the long term.

As is the roof and guttering of a house. Cracked tiles, splits in metal sheets, broken sun-lights, clogged or full gutters are not easily spotted from ground level, even harder to see if it’s a two storey residence.

A drone inspection can’t fix these problems but is the first money saving step in making sure everything on your rooftop is as it should be and is peace of mind. Hiring someone to physically get up onto your roof is time consuming and much more expensive compared to a drone inspection. Drones are also a much safer and faster way than someone else or yourself doing it.

A drone inspection is fast, complete and also provides high resolution photos and/or 4k UHD video footage for you to view and keep for future reference to compare at a later point in time. This is very important and having up to date photos/video of your solar panels, roofing and guttering is also an insurance back up should you encounter any problems should you need to make a claim for damage from your insurance provider.

From as low as $50 for photos and $75 which includes photos and video, a drone inspection is the easiest, fastest and safest way to know everything is as it should be on your roof.

Solar panel inspections
Are your Solar Panels clean, broken? A drone will know within minutes.

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