We live in a beautiful country in Australia, but at times it can be a volatile environment. Floods, storms, cyclones, bushfires and phenomena that isn’t always predicted. Whilst these elements of weather can’t be controlled, the risks can be managed to a degree.

A drone can be launched beforehand and as a periodic undertaking to inspect potential items at risk of damage should a weather event occur. Prevention is key.

After the event of a natural disaster or even damage to a building or area from any kind of event, a drone can inspect when its too dangerous for a person to do so. It is not only safer but more economical and time efficient for a drone to assess and record any findings.

A farmer would take days if not weeks to inspect a crop that has been battered by a storm but a drone could visualise and record the total area in minutes. The same for any kind of property damage to buildings etc.

Easily assess damage without risks, after natural disasters or to assess hard to reach areas such as:



Solar panels


Communication towers

Water or gas pipelines

Road and rail

These can be recorded and used as future reference or as a blueprint for works to be prioritised by the urgency of each individual problem. Not only are they able to be recorded, the drone can live stream so owners and or maintenance workers are able to see first hand the severity of damage and therefore they can then formulate a plan to undergo repairs using the safest method possible thanks to the drone showing risks involved.

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